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Every cattleman knows that grazing is the cheapest way to feed cattle.  However, to maximize performance most producers will supplement their forage supply during the summer heat and winter cold. 

For both the stocker operator and cow-calf producer this is the single biggest cost of production, and any effort to extend the grazing season will have a positive and immediate impact on your bottom line.

The heifers pictured above gained 2.65 lbs/day during a very dry and hot July here in middle TN

Baldridge Amaizing Graze (Zea mays L.) is the highest producing, highest nutrition warm season grass you can grow for the mid summer pasture slump, period.  If cattle have a choice in a field of grain hybrids and Amaizing Graze they will always graze the Amaizing Graze first and not try the grain hybrids until the Amaizing Graze is completely grazed.  Amaizing Graze has superior palatability! 

This became a problem in an Idaho grazing study when black swans ate the Baldridge hybrids as they emerged and not the other forages in the trial!

The dry matter production per acre will range from 14,000 to 22,000 lbs, depending on soil fertility, soil type and management.  The estimated waste is about 30% of the total dry matter produced per acre.  This is mainly the lower part of the stalk, which is the lowest digestible part of the plant.  The waste from a bunker silo is estimated at about 20%.

Bred heifers strip grazing Amaizing Graze Southern during September. 
            Virtually no residue remains from the previously grazed strip.

Just a few of the benefits of Amaizing Graze

  • When compared to other warm season grasses, Amaizing Graze contains 10% -20% more protein, 25% more total digestible nutrients (TDN) and 30% more net energy per pound of dry matter.
  • When compared to so-called forage corn hybrids from other suppliers, Amaizing Graze has 200% more sugar in the stalks, 15% higher fiber digestibility, 35% more protein and 50% higher leaf volume.
  • Amaizing Graze provides the highest quality forage for the rotational grazer in the Mid-South area from mid June until mid October, a period of 120 days.
  • Increase carrying capacity 20 to 30% during the hot, summer months while allowing your cool-season pastures to rest.
  • Low lignin content along with no danger of prussic acid poisoning make Amaizing Graze the ideal choice for grazing in the summer heat or after first frost.
  • Makes an ideal choice for Grass-Finished beef.
  • The cost is about one cent per pound of dry matter consumed (2.5% of body weight) per day.
  • Recommended planting rate is 20,000 to 35,000 seeds per acre. 
  • Planting can be done with a corn planter or with drills.

The above photo shows BH 540HP.  We graze 540HP here with excellent results.  This variety is often overlooked as a grazing option.  Would be an ideal choice for winter grazing due to high protein qualities.


Notice how green the cool season pasture is beneath the Amaizing Graze 112.  What did your pastures look like this past August?


Amaizing Graze hybrids to fit your grazing needs: 
(100+, 112+, and Southern are recommended for grazing here in the Mid-South)

Amaizing Graze75+                       
75 –80 day maturity. 
Great for use in northern states and Canada.  Enhanced for even greater palatability and digestibility.  Makes excellent corn silage.

Amaizing Graze 100 +                Limited Availability   

100 day maturity.
A great grazing variety, ready to graze in about 50 days from planting.  Enhanced for greater palatability and digestibility.  Produces high quality bi-colored grain that makes a superb feed for all classes of livestock.

* untreated seed available

Amaizing Graze 112 +                                    

112 day maturity. 
Excellent for grazing and corn silage, ready to graze in about 60 days from planting.  Excellent tonnage, and enhanced for greater digestibility and nutrition.  Also makes excellent silage.

Amaizing Graze Southern              

125 day maturity.
A full season grazing variety, recommended for southern climates.  Good disease resistance for southern pressures – very low prussic acid levels.  Tall plant height, high tonnage.  Great for producing highly nutritional feed during the mid summer and fall grazing periods with no danger of high prussic acid levels.

* untreated seed available in limited quantities

BH 540hp

115 day maturity. 

We use this variety for grazing with EXCELLENT results.  The high protein characteristics will add performance whether grazed green or in winter.  Tall plant height with high tonnage, very high quality forage. 
Can substitute for AG Southern or AG 112.

* untreated seed available in limited quantities

Planting rates for Baldridge Amaizing Graze

Soil organic matter                               Plant population
     0-1.0%                                                        20,000
  1.0-2.0%                                                        24,000
  2.0-3.0%                                                        26,000
  3.0-4.0%                                                        30,000
over 4.0%                                                        36,000