Green Hill Farms, LLC

The budget example below is from custom grazing stocker classes of cattle here in 2008. 

Over the past several years we, like many of you, have seen input costs sky-rocket and have experienced the worst drought in nearly 100 years during the summer of 2007.  However, we have continued to increase Amaizing Graze acres to more than 200 acres with great results. 

We have included other summer annuals (Red River crabgrass, forage sorghums, and sorghum-sudan hybrids) to complement the Amaizing Graze and spread the risks related to weather. 

2008 was a more "normal" year here in middle TN and therefore the corn stands were excellent.  The Amaizing Graze performed very well providing excellent cattle performance up to 2.75 lbs/day during a hot and dry period from late July thru early September. 

Keep in mind this is for custom grazing stocker class cattle and therefore your numbers will vary from what's seen here.  Also, input costs from farm to farm will vary as well.  However, given the price levels of cattle today Amaizing Graze can make a handsome return for your dollar.

  • 22 total acres of Amaizing Graze were used in this test.  Southern AG planted May 19 with a no-till drill at 16 lbs/a (26000 seeds/a).
  • Fields were sprayed with 90 units of 32% liquid N and 1.5 pints of Gramoxone per acre before seedling emergence. 
  • 200 steers with avg. weight of 705 lbs began grazing on July 23. 

  • The group was pulled off the corn for shipment September 16 with avg. weight of 859 lbs.


Note:  for this example only one group of stockers is listed.  Your numbers will vary based on input use and management.

Starting weight (7/23):   705 lbs
Finish weight (9/16):      859 lbs
Gain:                               154 lbs in 56 days = 2.75 lbs/day
# of head:                       200
Acres grazed:                   22


Costs (based on 2008 input prices)
Land use:              $30.00/a
Fertilizer:              $43.27
Spray:                    $ 3.50
Gramoxone:           $ 8.20
Drill rent:               $ 0.00
Equipment:           $10.00
Total:                $119.26/a    This does not include costs for fencing and labor.


Total lbs of beef:     30,800.00
$ per pound:           $         .60
Gross:                     $18,480.00
Cost:                       $ 2,623.72
Return:                $15,856.28

Cost per lb:                 $.085
Lbs of beef per acre:    1400
Lbs of beef per bag:      4904