Green Hill Farms, LLC

The Baldridge grain hybrids are a great low-cost alternative for row-crop producers seeking yields competitive with big-name hybrids along with excellent stalk strength and seedling vigor. 

These hybrids are especially appealing to cattlemen who feed their grain because of the excellent digestibility, energy, oil levels, and protein not found in commercial hybrids resulting from traditional grain breeding programs.


All hybrids non GMO.  

BH 540hp - 115 day      

  • High protein grain, excellent health and disease resistance. 
  • A must have if you feed your grain.
    * untreated seed available in limited quantities

BH 563 – 116 day
  • Top rated overall performance and yields!
  • Mid season maturity
  • Tall plant height, ears that are semi-flex and erect leaf growth produce a consistent ear on a strong stalk. Great standability!
  • Produces high tonnage for silage.  Dual purpose potential!
  • Strong overall agronomics perform best in good soil conditions. A great grain variety to try out this year! 

Planting rates for Baldridge grain hybrids

Soil organic matter                               Plant population
     0-1.0%                                                   18,000-20,000
  1.0-2.0%                                                   20,000-22,000
  2.0-3.0%                                                   22,000-24,000
over 3.0%                                                   24,000-28,000